You can tell a good design from a bad one not only by its aspect but by its capacity to add value and results as well.

In Bouzón | Comunicación y Diseño, design is the final outcome shaped and moulded by a process of research, analysis, diagnosis and strategy. We are committed to providing solutions that channel our clients needs, helping the reach their goals. In each project we carry out a four-phase-process.

We do not approach design projects with a bias as a staring point. we do a thorough analysis of the needs, previous communication and market of each client.

Our experience and sharp knowledge of communication enables us to evaluate the feasibility of an identity design, a brans, or a strategy os communication. We audit and analize the present situation, cross-ckecking it wth the paradigms of the sector as well as the business objectives of our client. A thorough knowledge is key to bulding satisfactory final solutions.

We go into each conceptual option to determine those which best fit the aims of each client and each action.

We allocate the best resources for each task; these being an identity update, a new packaging system or a mercandising strategy. We evaluate the strong and weak points os each design solution before the final assessment. Once the client agrees on the direction of the strategic design, creative development begins formally. We always encounter a project bearing in mind three fundamental variables: positioning, personality and permanence.

Our teams work indicidually and interrelating with one another exploring a range of concepts that stick to the indetity, brand image or communication strategy defined in the stages of research and planning.

Different design alternatives are discussed by designers and communication experts and they are later analyzed in work meetings with the team of the client. The best designs are adjusted and verified before final approval.

Implementation is key to the success of a design. That is why we add our know-how and experience; to apply utmost performance and fidelity to each design solution.

The follow-up of the production implies the devising of manuals of norms and style, the development of prototypes, the making of originals and the supervision of productive porcesses according to each case. To ensure the success in each communication action, we carry out introductory research, control programs, regular assessment and field studies to guarantee a systematic and consistent application.